Popsicles for Breakfast? Sure!

Want a fun way to do breakfast?100_3728

I made some homemade popsicles using only  homemade yogurt and frozen fruit, and my kids love them. They’ve been asking for them at breakfast. Why not? It’s yogurt with fruit. Typical healthy breakfast fare. And it makes breakfast seem like a treat. Score!

What you need:

  • blender (a food processor might work, but I’ve never tried)
  • popsicle molds (or even an ice cube tray with plastic wrap and toothpicks)
  • plain yogurt (homemade or store-bought)
  • fruit (berries, bananas with or without some cocoa powder, apricots, peaches, etc)

Put yogurt and fruit into the blender and puree til smooth. How much you need depends on the size of your popsicle molds, so you’re just going to have to guess. 100_3706

Pour puree into popsicle molds and freeze. To release popsicles from mold, run some water over the outside of the mold. Voila!

100_3711 100_3714

If you’re using an ice cube tray instead of popsicle molds, pour the puree into the ice cube tray. Cover the tray with plastic wrap and poke a toothpick through the plastic wrap into each cube to act as the stick for the mini popsicle. Freeze. Carefully remove plastic wrap and twist ice cube tray to release the popsicle cubes.

Do you have a fun idea for meals? Leave me a comment!

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